Horizon's STEM KITS introduce students to the amazing science of renewable energy technology. Here, they can discover key principles that are essential for a comprehensive understanding, not just of solar, wind and fuel cells; but also of electrochemistry, physics and engineering. Electrolysis, energy conversion, electrical circuits, mechanical energy – so many STEM concepts are integral to learning about future energy.


The TECHNICAL EDUCATION products are designed to teach more advanced engineering and science concepts on renewable energy and hydrogen fuel cell hybrid systems.


The H-500XP and H-1000XP fuel cells stacks were specifically designed to be both light weight and high performance. The XP-series are commonly used in R&D projects and university mobility challenges, continuously winning awards and podium places in international competitions.

Horizon's H-Series are one of the most efficient fuel cell stacks in the market. By having a range from 100W to 5kW, they are often the best choice for research and engineering projects.



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