H-1000 XP Fuel Cell Stacks
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Horizon’s XP-SERIES systems are one of the most fuel efficient on the market – ideal for use in efficiency competitions.

These are also very simple to integrate (can be done in “one afternoon”) – and we offer the best support and advice, straight from former champions who are now taking steps to further innovate and improve these systems, and make them compliant to regulation – not always the case with any fuel cell stack.

Less time is needed to develop the powertrain – making more time available for vehicle testing and performance optimization!

All inclusive easy to integrate system including high performance 1kW fuel cell, controller and serial port monitor for live feed of performance indicators,

  • H-1000 stack with blower
  • Hydrogen supply valve
  • Hydrogen purge valve
  • Fuel cell controller
  • Manual
  • PUtube
  • Over current protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Hydrogen sensor (25% LFL) (optional)
  • Emergency shut down switch
  • Self sustainable function

Easy to integrate plug and play system


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