H-500 XP Fuel Cell Stacks
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Horizon’s XP-SERIES systems are one of the most fuel efficient on the market – ideal for use in efficiency competitions

These are also very simple to integrate (can be done in “one afternoon”) – and we offer the best support and advice, straight from former champions who are now taking steps to further innovate and improve these systems, and make them compliant to regulation – not always the case with any fuel cell stack.

  • H-500 stack with blower
  • Hydrogen supply valve
  • Hydrogen purge valve
  • Fuel cell controller
  • Manual
  • PUtube
  • Over current protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Hydrogen sensor (25% LFL) (optional)
  • Emergency shut down switch
  • Self sustainable function

Easy to integrate plug and play system


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