Bio-energy Science Kit
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The Bio-energy Science Kit is a great way to find out how a direct ethanol fuel cell works. Unlike most fuel cells which use either hydrogen or methanol as a fuel source, the Bio-Energy Kit is a working demonstration of the conversion of ethanol to electrical energy. The process is silent, requiring no combustion, and can run for hours. Explore the next generation of fuel cell technology.

  • Understand the principles behind ethanol fuel cell technology
  • Hands on experimentation with novel technology
  • Includes pH paper to shows the change in the physical properties of the of the consumed ethanol fuel
  • Includes experiment guide on CD as well as a complete manual
  • The fuel solution can be made with household items
  • Create electricity from ethanol and water
  • Exploring polarity
  • Ethanol fuel consumption
  • Exploring the effect of varying fuel concentrations
  • Create electricity from wine and beer
  • Exploring the effects of temperature

Includes Full STEM Activity Materials for:

  • Effect of concentration on reaction rate
  • Effect of temperature on reaction rate
  • Renewable energy
  • Biofuel applications

All Horizon STEM materials are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Energy Literacy Framework.  Subject areas include Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences for middle and high school grades.  Go to Horizon Curriculum to find out more.


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