Fuel Cell Car Science Kit
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Horizon’s Fuel Cell Car Science Kit lets students explore the ideas behind the full-sized fuel cell cars currently being introduced around the world. The car runs using distilled water. First, a reversible PEM fuel cell splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. Then that hydrogen is used to power the fuel cell car. Plus, the car drives itself! It’s capable of avoiding obstacles on its own. Serious science and serious fun in one science kit!

  • Clearly demonstrates the science behind electrolysis and splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen.
  • Includes solar panel for powering electrolysis, and complete experiment guide on CD.
  • Best entry level fuel cell car kit on the market and one of Horizon´s best sellers!


Includes Experiment Outlines for:

  • The Effect of Heat on Solar Panels
  • The Effect of Shade on Solar Panels
  • Finding the Solar Panel´s Maximum Power Point  (requires variable resistor module, sold separately)
  • Fuel Cell Mode Generating Electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Determining the Minimum Voltage for Water Decomposition
  • Polarization States for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Includes Full STEM Activity Materials for:

  • Reversible electrolysis reactions
  • Reaction rates
  • Increasing energy efficiency and car performance
  • Renewable energy
  • Conservation of energy and energy transfer

All Horizon STEM materials are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Energy Literacy Framework.  Subject areas include Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences for middle and high school grades.  Go to Horizon Curriculum to find out more.


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