Salt Water Fuel Cell Science Kit
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The Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit illustrates a cutting edge fuel cell concept: combine a saltwater electrolyte with magnesium plates to generate electrical energy. The Salt Water Fuel cell kit enables you to investigate the science behind salt water fuel cell technology, either by powering the included mini-turbine or creating your own power applications.

  • Features magnesium salt-water fuel cell power device
  • Develop your own micro-fuel cell applications
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Compatible with other Horizon science kits

Includes Experiment Outlines for:

  • Create energy from salt water solution and power a fan
  • Analyze current and voltage variation using different salt concentrations
  • Analyze current and voltage variations using different temperatures
  • Analyze current and voltage variations using different fuel volumes

Includes Full STEM Activity Materials for:

  • Effect of concentration on reaction rate
  • Effect of volume on reaction rate
  • Effect of temperature on reaction rate
  • Redox reactions

All Horizon STEM materials are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Energy Literacy Framework.  Subject areas include Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences for middle and high school grades.  Go to Horizon Curriculum to find out more.


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