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Due to fundamental changes in both sustainable science itself and the way that science is taught, one of Horizon Educational’s most crucial roles is equipping teachers with the tools and techniques to drive STEM forward. Instead of ‘by-the-numbers’ teaching, now educators can present students with the big problems of the world: from future energy to the cutting edge technologies that will harness it.

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Working alongside some of the biggest names in energy, automotive and industrial technology, Horizon has been able to deliver high-quality CSR science education programs. Horizon’s partners have used our hardware to highlight the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, the power of renewable energy and the ways we can halt climate change.

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Horizon can offer the chance to make a real difference in both science education and social outreach. Alongside providing a first class STEM education our partnerships with key companies in the energy industry have helped us to target under represented demographics in science and technology and reach out to societies crippled by poverty.

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