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Today the ACT Expo 2022 got under way with over 150 organizations and about 8,000 people converging on the Long Beach Convention Center, including Kamil, Max, and Jesse from the Horizon Educational team.

The day started off with the Horizon Educational team showing off a H2GP car, and everyone who saw it was amazed by the technology powering the car.  Several professionals, including a Linde representative, were eager to take “get behind the wheel” and see what the car could do.

At the ACT Expo the whole hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem is represented by a variety of organizations. There are large ones, like Cummins, that are trying to showcase their technology prowess with fuel cells, and there are other organizations, like Bennett, who want to show the world that they can adapt to changing times by making products relevant to the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.  However, regardless of market segment students who participate in the H2GP program gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to anywhere within the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, which is one reason by the H2GP initiative is so valuable to students even after graduating from high school.  With batteries and fuel cells being the two leading zero emission technologies in the 21st century, anyone with knowledge of either technology becomes instantly valuable to thousands of organizations around the world.

The education continued when Jesse Lyon from the Horizon Educational team did a ride in two of Hyundai’s Xcient trucks.  The Xcient trucks are Hyundai’s line of heavy-duty trucks that it is working to decarbonize the trucking industry with.  The trucks are already in use in Switzerland, but finally in 2022 Hyundai brought its trucks to California.  The trucks provide a smooth, quiet, zero emission ride while also being great at making really tight turns.  Without any doubt the Xcient line of trucks are some of the best heavy-duty trucks available.

Tomorrow is the last day of the ACT Expo, but the Horizon Educational team will be meeting with more attendees to talk about its leading-edge H2GP program as well as about hydrogen and fuel cells.  However, as expo ends Horizon Educational is gearing up for the 2022 H2GP World Finals in the Netherlands!  Stay tuned as we will be making some important announcements regarding the world finals in the days to come!

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