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Dutch H2GP Final – Full Results

ZWOLLE, Netherlands (May 12th, 2023): Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) teams from across the Netherlands put on a magnificent performance today in their quest for a spot in the Las Vegas H2GP World Final. Congratulations to ‘Summa H2 Racing 4’ for their victory in the ‘Endurance Category’.

Over 1258 laps and 6 hours, the team used all the renewable energy design and engineering skills they picked up over the six-month Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix program – such as mechanical engineering, hydrogen chemistry and data science – to outcompete other teams and win a ticket to Las Vegas. It is in this city, at the RE+ Energy Conference (September 11-14th), that the winners will get a chance to compete against the best teams from around the world.

2nd place in the Endurance Category was won by ‘Alfa Northc 1’, while 3rd was taken by ‘Vtir@omic’.

The Design Award, which recognizes the teams with the best-looking car body, was won by team ‘Vtir@omic’

The Energy Award, given to the team that uses the least amount of hydrogen over the most laps, was awarded to ‘Summa H2 Racing’.

‘Alfa Northc 1’ was the recipient of the Innovation Award, which acknowledges the team that utilized the most advanced modifications and innovative features in their car.

Pos. Team Name Rnd.
1 Summa H2 Racing 4 1258
2 Alfa Northc 1 1244
3 Vitr@omic1 1188
4 Summa H2 Racing 2 1157
5 Frc 1100
6 Summa H2 Racing 1 1099
7 Summa H2 Racing 3 1022
8 Razendsnel 994
9 Alfa Northc 989
10 Picobello Bv 868
11 Dc - H2go 670
12 Smt Racing 607
13 Hanze H2PR 488
14 Summa H2 Racing 5 384
15 H2o&o 322
16 Liudger Racing 311
17 Drift Kings 183
Dutch Final
Dutch Final
Dutch Final

The Presentation Award went to ‘Summa H2 Racing 1’, who delivered the best oral presentation to the judges explaining their hydrogen-powered car's construction.

‘Drift Kings’ was the winner of the Pit Stop award, which honours the team that worked together most effectively to get their car back on track.

Horizon Educational would like to thank all the teams involved in this exciting race, and most importantly our Dutch partners, Summa Automotive & Smart Mobility and HobbyTime B.V. Your dedication, drive and passion for H2GP have truly helped make the event a huge success.

Dutch Final
Dutch Final
Dutch Final
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