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Horizon Educational students have praised their experience of the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) program. Not only did the students from one of our partner schools in Southern California enjoy making their own hydrogen-fueled RC cars, but they found the experience of renewable energy education profoundly rewarding. Particular highlights were the opportunities for interactive education and collaboration among students.

Nour Rezk, aged 15, praised the teambuilding aspect of the program, telling us how making these hydrogen racecars allowed him to collaborate with ‘people I never met before’. Calvin Tugman, aged 16, also enjoyed the interactive side of this form of education, telling us that ‘being able to learn from others around me, I was able to pick up new skills that I will be able to use in the future’.

‘We went through all the steps’ says Dominic Hernandez, ‘making the hydrogen RC car and then racing that hydrogen RC car…. this was pretty adrenaline fueling!’

The teamwork aspect of Horizon Educational’s H2GP equipment is something ingrained in all our STEM kits. Students not only develop vital math and engineering skills in order to prepare them for the renewable energy economy – but they must work together to apply these skills to real-world challenges. Critical thinking, creativity and learning from mistakes are therefore all central to the STEAM approach of the equipment.

STEAM education is vital in building a future workforce capable of tackling the world’s climate challenges. Whether students choose a career in hydrogen energy production, coding for a tech company, or even a creative job such as graphic design – having the ability to use STEM skills in an applied and creative way to solve problems will be an essential skill for future employers.

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