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Fraunhofer IWU Engages Local Schools with Hydrogen Energy

H2GP Germany 2024

The Fraunhofer IWU has brought back a flagship hydrogen education program to Chemnitz, Germany, looking to develop future leaders and talent in hydrogen energy. The Hydrogen Grand Prix German Final took place at the Industriemuseum Chemnitz and aimed to train and develop the next generation of hydrogen and renewable energy leaders by challenging them to build and race a 1:10 scale fuel cell electric car powered by hydrogen.

“We’re delighted to bring the Hydrogen Grand Prix back to Germany, fostering a pipeline of talent in a sector of the energy economy that will see significant growth in the next decade”, said Kamil Jelinek, H2GP project co-founder. “We are doing this while also providing these students with a fun way of becoming familiar with hydrogen technologies through a racing competition, with the winner travelling to California to compete against the program's fastest cars.”

H2GP Germany 2024
H2GP Germany 2024

The Hydrogen Grand Prix has seen significant growth in recent years boosted by an increased need for pathways to positions of STEM and hydrogen leadership. The program engages and trains High School students in hydrogen and renewable energy by providing them with the tools and knowledge to design, construct, engineer, and race a hydrogen-powered vehicle completely independently.

Sponsors for the June 1st race included "Bernd Flach Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG", “Albert Schmutzler Schnitt- und Stanzwerkzeuge”, “Werkzeugbau Winkelmühle GmbH” and “eins Energie in Sachsen GmbH & Co. KG”.


Full results of the race can be found below:

H2GP Germany 2024 results


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