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Fuel Cell Test Station-1.5 kW


Whether as a first step for scaling up to larger systems, or as a final solution for compact applications, small or short stacks of fuel cells represent important category. The fuel-cell test station TS1.5kW is perfectly suited for the testing and development of these stacks. It features proven design of humidifiers allowing independent dew point settings in the anode and cathode line. Furthermore, precise control is ensured for flow rates of reactant gases and backpressure. The station contains voltage monitoring of each cell in a stack, while still providing high degree sensitivity for testing of larger single cells.

All test stations come with the following set of features:

  • Electronic control of process parameters
  • Safety shutdown with nitrogen purging
  • High quality components (e.g. Bronkhorst MFCs)
  • Manual or fully automatic operational mode
  • Web-based user interface with user-friendly environment

With extensive options for customization, the TS1.5kW offers a perfect value for money in small/short stack testing.





AirCell AC-5.1



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