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H2GP PRO - Car Kit


10th scale Hydrogen/Electric powered Remote-Controlled Professional Racing Kit. This kit combines a brand new H2GP Chassis-pro together with all necessary high-quality RC components such as brushless motor and ESC, servomotor, foam tires, remote kit with a receiver, LiPo batteries and also the programable charger.

On-Road pan car is crafted using composite fiberglass and nylon materials. Including many scale adjustments such as t-plate with tweak springs, ball differential, adjustable axle height, adjustable caster, camber, and wheelbase. RC components were selected in order to fulfill quality and performance requirements for our top-level hydrogen endurance racers!


What is included it the H2GP Car Kit PRO:

  • H2GP Chassis - PRO (HGP-RC-01)
  • Ultra Power Charger (HGP-RC-03)
  • Male XT60 to Male 4mm Bullets-300mm Wire (HGP-RC-04)
  • Tires set of 4 (HGP-RC-05)
  • XR10 ESC 25.5 Combo Justock (HGP-RC-06)
  • Promatch 2S 3600mAh Lipo Battery 2x (HGP-RC-07)
  • Futuba 3PV R304SB Transmitter (HGP-RC-08)
  • Savox SH-1250MG Servo (HGP-RC-09) 

What is needed: polycarbonate body. 


Suggested extras: mylaps transponder, upgraded lightweight differential kit, upgraded steering package, voltage sensor, tire traction compound, and ESC Program box.  


Tools needed: nut drivers (standard) 3/16, 1/14, 11/32, hex drivers (standard), hex drivers (metric) 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, shock pliers, pliers, needle nose pliers, 7/16 ratchet,  5.5mm box wrench, flat and cylinder needle file, blue Loctite, CA glue, pencil, wire cutters, metric ruler, 90deg countersink bit, calipers, electric drill, philips head screwdriver, blue masking tape, hacksaw or bandsaw, blue shop towels, hobby motor spray, double-sided servo tape, soldering iron with solder, solder paste, soldering jig, heat gun, Velcro, scissors, sharpie, and a hobby knife. 


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H2GP PRO - Car Kit




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