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Horizon Educational - Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators

Today Horizon Educational is launching our new campaign focused on inspiring the next generation of renewable energy innovators. Through our STEM kits, teaching equipment and renewable energy educational programs such as the Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) – we’re committed to inspiring tomorrow’s innovators who will take the lead in building a sustainable future.  

Innovation means creativity, imagination, ingenuity and perseverance. 

This approach to education is known globally as ‘STEAM’. Combining creativity, hands-on learning and critical thinking in addition to a classical STEM education, STEAM education is embedded in all of Horizon Educational’s educational equipment and curricular programs.

Our Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP), for instance, challenges students to use STEM knowledge gained in the classroom to engineer, construct, and eventually race a hydrogen-powered RC car against local, national and eventually international teams. Traditional classroom-based learning is therefore accompanied by the practical and creative challenges associated with designing, engineering and racing an RC car completely independently.

Students graduate from the program ready to be the innovators of tomorrow – tackling the world’s engineering challenges and creating a more sustainable energy system. 

At the core of inspiring innovation is instilling values in the next generations of renewable energy leaders. Through our educational equipment and programs, we aim to promote:

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-      Creativity: students find our equipment fun to use. In building our equipment and teaching materials, we aim to develop students who are curious, inquisitive and constantly questioning. They learn by experience, by experimentation, and by analytical thinking leading to greater insight.

-      Discovery: our resources help students develop a sense of wonder, excitement, and eagerness to discover more about renewable energy. Through seeing the technology ‘in-action’ and first hand, students become interested in learning more about how the technology works.

-      Teamwork: our equipment allows students to learn through collaboration, interaction, negotiation, and joint decision-making. Students not only learn how future energy technologies work, but how to work together to construct and realize these technologies in a classroom setting.

-      Understanding: students understand renewable energy through our equipment. By providing detailed lesson plans and teaching materials alongside practical, hands-on STEM kits, we allow teachers to facilitate different forms of learning – such as kinesthetic, visual, and auditory – enabling different types of learners to comprehensively understand how these new forms of technology work.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll bring you more stories about our commitment to Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators.

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