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Horizon Educational Showcases Hydrogen Fuel Cells at RE+

This year for the first time ever Horizon Educational will be attending the RE+ Conference in Anaheim, California which starts on September 19th and ends on September 22nd.  It is the largest renewable energy conference annually in the Western Hemisphere, and this year over 19,000 industry professionals and over 700 exhibitors are expected to attend the tradeshow.

At RE+ Horizon Educational is going to showcase its H2GP cars which have been helping to demonstrate the safety of hydrogen for over five years now.  The H2GP vehicles will also allow people to see that hydrogen fuel cells are ready for primetime now.  Along with the H2GP vehicles there will also be a demonstration racetrack so that people can experience zero emission FCEV racing, which is the best and most exciting kind of racing ever!  (This explains why Formula 1 and other racing formats are looking to duplicate the H2GP racing series.)  By test driving the vehicles many adults will discover for the first time the excitement and fun that FCEV racing provides, which is something that H2GP participants have long known.

Horizon Educational is also bringing a 1kW fuel cell stack to RE+.  This will help to demonstrate the significantly increased effectiveness of micro-grids when battery and fuel cell technologies are blended to provide electricity to something like a small community.  Batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and other renewable technologies are all essential to helping decarbonize the global economy, and only by people and technologies working harmoniously together can we hope to undo 200 years of climate decay.

We are very thankful to the RE+ Events team for inviting Horizon Educational to be part of this year’s RE+ Conference, and enabling us to highlight fuel cell technology and its ability to pair with batteries.  We are looking forward to meeting and working with organizations across the global economy to help advance this world forward.

For more information about RE+ please click here.

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