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Hydrogen Summer Reading

It is definitely still summer in the Northern Hemisphere given the extreme temperatures many parts of it are experiencing along with destructive wildfires.  However, summer is a great time to continue to learn about hydrogen, fuel cells, and what is happening in the world!  On July 27th Hyzon released a paper that explores what creating a global hydrogen production and transportation network may look like.  The paper also addresses why using hydrogen fuel cells in the heavy-duty trucking sector makes more sense than relying on any other technology.  Please download and read the paper titled “Fuel Cells, Heavy-Duty Mobility's Apex Solution for Complete Decarbonization” to learn more about how the only heavy-duty fuel cell manufacturer in the United States is looking to decarbonize the heavy-duty mobility sphere.

Fuel Cells, Heavy-Duty Mobility Apex Solution for Complete Decarbonization_Whitepape
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