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Raven SR Announced as Official Hydrogen Partner for H2GP World Final


Horizon Education announces that Raven SR, a renewable fuels company that is revolutionizing how the world uses waste, has become the official Hydrogen Partner for the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) Las Vegas World Final, scheduled for September 11-14, 2023. Raven’s sponsorship reinforces their commitment to building a future renewable energy workforce capable of tackling some of the world’s most pressing energy challenges.


“Raven SR is honored to sponsor the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix World Finals,” said Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR. “The Horizon Educational program is an incredible opportunity to educate students about hydrogen while building interest in science and developing the future leaders of the renewable fuels industry.  I applaud the teachers who have embraced this program and are encouraging their students’ creative and analytical development through teamwork.”


“Our partnership with Ravel SR means that over the next three years, they’ll be supplying all the Hydrostiks used by teams at World Finals,” said Max Accordino, Head of Business Development at Horizon Educational. “This deep and meaningful partnership is possible thanks to Raven’s commitment to renewable energy education and their belief in the necessity of a skilled future workforce in the communities where they operate.”


Raven SR transforms waste – such as municipal solid waste, organic waste, and methane – into high-quality, clean hydrogen and Fischer Tropsch fuels. As part of their sponsorship of the World Final, all hydrogen used by H2GP teams to power their cars will feature the Raven-branded Hydrostiks. These thumb-size cartridges are capable of storing 10L of hydrogen gas in just a few square centimeters of storage space.


The thrilling hydrogen-powered race will take place at RE+, North America’s largest energy trade show and a gathering that occupies a central position in the renewable energy industry. Each year 27,000+ professionals from all segments of the industry gather to network and build meaningful connections. This year’s gathering promises to be the biggest yet, with visitors from over 150 countries exhibiting at over 1,000 displays.


About Horizon Educational

About Horizon Educational: Founded in 2003, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies began the sale of miniature fuel cells to demonstrate the technology to schools and students around the world, while investing in R&D of more advanced products and industrial applications. In 2013, Horizon Educational Group was formed as an independent division dedicated to the deployment of a complete range of educational solutions. Horizon Educational develop, produce and distribute hands-on teaching material and didactic equipment as well as online curricula and educational

programs. With distributors in over 150 countries, the STEM kits and technical training equipment have an international reputation for quality, educational content and award-winning design. Discover more at


About Raven SR

Raven SR, headquartered in Wyoming, transforms biomass, mixed municipal solid waste, bio-solids, sewage, medical waste, and natural or biogas into renewable fuels. Using its proprietary, non-combustion, non-catalytic Steam/CO2 Reformation technology, Raven SR dependably produces a hydrogen-rich syngas regardless of feedstock utilized. Raven SR, led by co-founders Matt Murdock and Matt Scanlon, is committed to adding value to local resources and communities while responsibly reducing greenhouse gases and achieving a low carbon economy. By using modular systems and producing low air emissions, their systems can be located closer to customers and feedstock, creating local fuel from local waste for local mobility.


Raven SR
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