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10kW Fuel Cell Stack T-Series


This 10kW fuel cell system is made from four T-2500 units. It shows how this modular system can be connected. Such a powerful air cooled stack can be used in remote areas as back up power for example instead of diesel generators. It is a fully integrated fuel cell system which has pressure detection and many protection functions. DC-DC converter is included so the output voltage is stable and also adjustable. It is just necessary to have the right hydrogen source and external power supply (battery) to start the fuel cell. We can say it is a plug & play system. T-10000 as well as other T-series stacks is possible to control remotely.

10kW FC T-SEries

10000W Air Cooled Fuel Cell Stack 

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10000W Air Cooled Fuel Cell Stack Quick Product Facts

Pressure H icon

Hydrogen Pressure

Hydrogen must be fed into the fuel cell stack at a pressure of 0.55 to 0.75bar.

Temperature icon

Ambient Temperature

The fuel cell stack operates best in a temperature ranging from 0 to 40° C.

weight icon

FC Stack Weight

The stack (including fan and casing) weighs 40.3 x 4 kg.

efficiency icon

System Efficiency

At peak power the efficiency of the system is 42%.

drop icon

Hydrogen Purity

A fuel of gaseous hydrogen at a minimum purity level of 99.995% is required.

voltage output

Voltage Output

The voltage can be adjusted to between 43.2 and 57.6 volts direct current.

List of T-10000 components:

4 x 2500W fuel cell stack

4 x 2500W controller

4 x fuel cell connector

4 x RS232 cable

4 x FC +/- cables

4 x Output +/- cables


4 x pressure regulator

8 x 8mm PTFE tube (1m)

80 x ferrule connectors

4 x hydrogen sensor

1 x set of cables connecting the modules


T10000 photos1
T10000 photos2
T10000 photos3

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