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110kW Liquid cooled Fuel Cell VL-Series

At 110kW this is currently one of the highest power output fuel cell stacks that Horizon sells.  It is designed for heavy-duty applications like Class 8 trucks, ships, and other energy demanding areas.  Unlike battery electric vehicles which are really only useable in the light-duty mobility sector, PEM fuel cells are perfectly able to power everything from a remote-control car 1/10th the size of a standard sized light-duty vehicle all the way up to airplanes and container ships.  With so many zero emission mobility applications it is easy to see why hydrogen fuel cell technology is not only eco-friendly but also why it is the keystone to achieving a zero emission global economy.

Liquid Cooled Fuel Cell Stack 110kW

110kW Liquid Cooled Fuel Cell VL-Series

Additional Information

Given the use cases for this fuel cell system it is required to fill out a quote request form in order to proceed with ordering this product.  This also allows you to provide information about your project, and it will allow us to look into additional resources that you may need in order to expedite the completion of your project using this fuel cell system.  Please keep in mind that this system comes with an air filter, air flow meter, hydrogen intel solenoid valve, humidifier, throttle valve, radiator, ion exchange, controller, fuel cell stack, fill water tank, fuel cell 24V water pump, constant voltage DC, and blower to bring air into the fuel cell stack.

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

Safety Requirements

Do not attach or detach power cables when the fuel cell stack is turned on.

Warranty is void if the fuel cell stack is dismantled or otherwise modified.

Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and flammable substance.  Always operate and store the fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage canisters in an area with ample ventilation.

Fuel cell systems should always be equipped with a highly accurate hydrogen sensor to detect any hydrogen that has escaped within the system or from the hydrogen storage canister.

Please refer to the VL 110 User Manual to see the full list of the safety requirements for the product.


List of core VL-100 components and their functionality:

  • Air filter (Purifying air)
  • Air flow meter (Monitoring feedback of air flow)
  • Hydrogen heat exchanger (Increase the temperature of reaction hydrogen)
  • Intercooler (Reduce the temperature of the air entering the fuel cell stack)
  • Humidifier (Adds moisture to the air entering the stack)
  • Bypass valve (Divert excess air from the air compressor and protect the stack in case of emergency)
  • Throttle valve (Regulate the internal operating pressure of the stack)
  • Radiator (Removes excess heat from the system)
  • PTC heater (Heating for low temperature cold start)
  • Water tank (Refill water to and purge air for the system)
  • Ion Exchange (Absorbs the ions in the coolant, reducing the conductivity of the coolant)
  • Low voltage distribution box (Provide low voltage distribution to the system)
  • Controller (Control system, communication between system and vehicle)
  • Fuel cell stack (Oxygen and hydrogen react to produce power)

110kW Liquid Cooled Fuel Cell VL-Series Quick Product Facts


System Rated Power

This system power output is 110kW.

efficiency icon

Fuel Cell Efficiency

Minimal fuel cell efficiency at rated power is 40%.

Temperature icon

Ambient Temperature

The fuel cell stack operates best in a temperature ranging from -22 to 113° F / -30 to 45° C.

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System dimensions

This fuel cell system dimensions are 1161 x 706 x 669mm / 45,7 x 27,8 x 26

Pressure H icon

Hydrogen Pressure

Hydrogen must be fed into the fuel cell stack at a pressure of 1.3+- MPa.

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Hydrogen Purity

A fuel of gaseous hydrogen at a minimum purity level of 99.97% is required.

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