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8 Cutting-Edge Pieces of STEAM Class Equipment


Interested in getting some exciting hands-on STEAM education equipment for your classroom? We’re here to help. From science kits containing solar panels to entire hydrogen-powered RC cars, we’ll take you through all the latest STEAM class equipment that can transform your classroom.


1. Super Capacitor Science Kit

Looking to introduce students to the principles of energy storage and power potential? Look no further than the Super Capacitor Science Kit. This allows you to demonstrate how supercapacitors store and release energy – with students learning the fundamentals of this integral part of the automotive revolution. This will allow you to add a sense of excitement and thrill to classes about energy density and storage.

super science kit


2. Brainflakes

Intended for younger learners, ‘Brainflakes’ are known for being incredibly fun. These cool plastic flakes have endless possibilities, with the only limitation being students’ imagination. These objects are sized just right for small fingers, but still allow for the creation of small figurines, designs, and structures. STEM learning activities like these help improve kids’ spatial reasoning abilities, setting them up for success later in life.


3. H-Racer 2.0

Want to give your students some fun? Let them race their way to knowledge. If you’d like to introduce your students to the process of electrolysis and the conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy in an engaging way – the H-Racer could be for you. This table-top size car gives students the possibility to build their own hydrogen car and move it forward and backward using an infrared control. They also get a chance to generate hydrogen with a solar panel, and understand how fuel cell technology works in action.

The H-Racer is also known for its design, having won Time Magazine's "Best Inventions," Business Week IDEA, Metropolitan Home's "Design 100," ID magazine's annual review, and Business 2.0 Bottom Line Design Awards.

H-Racer product


4. Bio-energy Science Kit

Some learning works better outside of the textbook, in real life. The Bio-Energy Science kit brings energy education to life, giving kids an understanding of how a direct ethanol fuel cell operates. Unlike other fuel cells that typically rely on hydrogen or methanol, this kit demonstrates how ethanol can be converted into electrical energy. This process runs silently without combustion and can operate for hours.


5. DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit

Teachers are often looking for ways to teach learners under 10 about uses for renewable energy. Elementary school-aged kids constantly hear how hydrogen energy is important, but might wonder ‘how can this be used in real life?’. This is where the DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit can help.

Students are given a small, light fuel cell – and are tasked with creating their very own car that is powered by hydrogen. They can do this with any materials they dream up of, finding the right balance between components strong enough to hold the fuel cell system and light enough to allow the car to travel fast.

This kit introduces students to renewable energy, but gives them space to use their imagination and creativity in constructing their very own hydrogen car. 

DIY Science Kit


6. Hydrostik Pro

The Hydrostik Pro allows kids to store up to 10L of hydrogen gas in a thumb-size storage cartridge.  This can then be used to power an H2GP Pro Fuel Cell Car – giving students the ability to refuel their own hydrogen race cars on demand! Teamwork is key for these H2GP activities – with students working together to keep their H2GP car on track and working proficiently. The Hydrostik Pro allows students to utilize STEAM skills such as teamwork, communication and critical thinking.


7. Tablets

Tablets have been used for a long time to bring STEAM education to the classroom. Recently, however, lots of new apps of appeared that make learning even more thrilling and engaging for students. They can explore the planets of the solar system, learn how to code, build their own puzzles, and even learn how to manage money by running their very own make-believe store.  

These types of educational games allow teachers to cover a variety of topics while developing their class's creativity and curiosity.


8. Horizon Energy Box

You’d be amazed at the gadgets inside the Horizon Energy Box. Everything from table-top solar panels, to three types of fuel cell, to an entire model car are at students' fingertips.  This allows for a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid.

Hands-on learning equipment is complemented by an innovative curriculum, providing a complete theoretical understanding of renewable energy systems.  This comprehensive curriculum provides over 40 hours of classroom activities, enhancing student engagement while covering topics as wide-ranging as electrolysis, classical mechanics and biofuels.


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