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There can be no doubt that hydrogen fuel cells are as transformative of a technology as electronic communication or even the printing press.  In mobility applications hydrogen fuel cells offer a user experience that does not require any compromise, but with the added benefits of zero emissions and significant reductions in noise pollution.  In stationary applications fuel cells can be used to generate electricity, heat buildings, and use the water vapor byproduct of the fuel cells to augment current water sources.

However, as hiring managers from across the hydrogen and fuel cell industry readily admit, it has thus far proved hopeless to find enough people to fill all of the positions that are open at any given time in the industry.  If any or all of the benefits of fuel cells are to be realized, then the hydrogen and fuel cell industry needs access to a steady supply of talented individuals, especially young ones.  This is where Horizon Educational’s H2GP program comes in.

It is with the above backdrop that the H2GP program was created.  Within the program students learn in-classroom about renewable energy, and then they put that knowledge to real-life tests by forming teams, building remote controlled FCEVs, and then putting those FCEVs through a series of endurance races.  Students who complete the program leave it with a working knowledge of fuel cells, batteries, electronics, and other knowledge that employers can easily tap into in order to build next generation fuel cells and other industry-leading products.

However, in order to produce enough students each year to fill global industry needs the H2GP program requires sponsors, which is where you come in.  By supporting the H2GP program sponsors are investing in themselves by gaining access to the exact talent pools they need, useful networking events at H2GP races, access to consumers who are looking to buy hydrogen and fuel cell products, and a way to access a global advertising platform that is price effective.  There is simply no other program that a sponsor can invest in that equals or exceeds all of the direct benefits sponsors enjoy.

Please use the form below to commit to the program as well as to ask any questions you may have.  We will reach out to you to implement the appropriate sponsorship package, and provide all needed answers.

Tomorrow's STEAM experts race with us today!

>> This program is a perfect example of problem based learning. My students were engaged and were so proud of their effort. The look absolute their joy on the parents faces when they watched their children complete was well worth the time and effort. <<
>> We see great potential in supporting student teams from our region who want to improve their teamwork and problem-solving skills while developing their own hydrogen car. Both skills will be very useful in future practice. <<
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