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DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit/Classroom Pack

Earlier this year, we launched our DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit  (also available as Classroom Pack) to create a less modular kit that allows for a multitude of experiments with the same product. The DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit was developed to give the students the opportunity to create their own hydrogen and then create a vehicle powered by the hydrogen using the PEM reversible fuel cell.

Thanks to our friend Jacob at Make Science fun, we are able to demonstrate the endless possibilities with our DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit. In the video, Jacob first demonstrates how the fuel cell uses electrolysis to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from one another and store them in the syringes. Then once he has enough energy, he begins to construct multiple vehicle to power with his hydrogen reserve.

If you would like to learn more about our DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit, Please feel free to check out our store. 

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