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So, you’re looking to buy a fuel cell stack. Nowadays, this is quite a dizzying prospect. With hundreds of different types and applications – it’s pretty tricky to make sense of all the potential choices. Not sure which one is right for you? We’re here to help. Whether you’re interested in a cheap fuel cell stack or a more expensive hydrogen generator – all the potential options are listed below.

1. PEM Fuel Cell

A PEM Fuel Cell is one of the best cheap fuel cells on the market today. Having an output power of only 0.27W, this miniature fuel cell is perfect for school applications and teaching kids about how hydrogen works. It’s often used in STEM kits teachers use in classrooms to promote STEM education among students. Bringing hydrogen to life, this fuel cell is the perfect way to introduce young children to renewable energy. Prices can be as low as $ 60.  

2.H-12 Fuel Cell Stack

The H-12 fuel cell stack has an integrated cooling fan and a rated power of 12W. This produces a stable current and can be used to demonstrate hydrogen technology in classrooms and even power basic domestic appliances. This could be a good choice if you’re looking to buy a fuel cell for demonstration or home applications. Prices can start at around $ 450.

3. H-100 Fuel Cell Stack

At 100W, fuel cell stacks become more sophisticated. The H-100 fuel cell stack is an air-cooled system that can be used in various personal and research applications. It can be used, for instance, to power small motorboats or demonstrate hydrogen technology in a research lab. The price of this fuel cell can start at around $ 2100.

4. H-1000 XP Fuel Cell Stack

Fuel cells aren’t only used for research in a lab for experiments. Some types, like the H-1000 XP Fuel Cell Stack, have been specifically designed for powering hydrogen vehicles. With a rated power output of 1000W, Horizon developed this fuel cell stack in collaboration with the champions of the Shell ‘Eco-marathon’. Striving to create the most efficient and reliable fuel cell capable of powering a vehicle thousands of miles, Horizon worked collaboratively with teams from across the world. The result was an “ultimate” system with optimal podium placement, weight distribution and reliability. Teams using this system for their Eco-marathon vehicles have outperformed the competition over the past few years, ranking first, second and third. The prices for this type of fuel cell range from $ 9,000 to well over $ 20,000, depending on the specific model and system requirements.


5. 2.5kW Fuel Cell T-Series

The 2.5kw Fuel Cell T-Series was explicitly designed with telecommunications in mind. Capable of powering fragile and sensitive telecommunications in rural and remote locations, the 2.5kW T-Series was optimized for backup power in the event of a power outage. While a battery pack will lose its charge over a long period of time in storage, hydrogen can be kept for years – under relatively harsh conditions – without degrading. The 2.5kW T-Series fuel cell, therefore, has the potential to save telecommunications customers and emergency services the problem of losing a connection during a power outage. The fuel cell price can range from $ 10,000 but often can be as high as $ 15,000.


6. 10kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL

All the fuel cells we’ve taken you through so far have been cooled by air. While allowing the fuel cell stack to be lighter, air-cooled fuel cell stacks are often not as powerful as their liquid-cooled counterparts. The 10kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL is an entry-level liquid-cooled fuel cell stack, but it still harnesses a lot of power. Its 10kW power envelope has the potential to electrify all-terrain vehicles, tractors, golf carts and even power remote campsites. If you’re looking to buy a fuel cell stack that is more capable and powerful than lighter, air-cooled models, this might be the choice for you. Prices can start at around $ 35,000.


7. 65kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL-Series

Toward the more expensive end of the spectrum, we have the 65kW Liquid Cooled FC fuel cell stack. This system is capable of some serious power. Able to power everything from a small community of homes all the way to a Class 8 truck, this fuel cell stack is rated to generate 65kW of power output. Using this also possible to convert existing heavy-duty construction equipment to zero emission. Prices for this fuel cell can start at just under $ 100,000.

8. 120kW Liquid Cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell VL-Series

Capable of generating 120kW of power output, the 120kW Liquid Cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell VL-Series is at the very top end of the power spectrum. While it can be used for research purposes and to study renewable energy in universities – many users enjoy it for its sheer power. This means deploying it in Class 8 trucks, large agricultural machines, and a variety of other industry-specific equipment. Fuel cells which produce this much power are usually custom configured to the buyer’s unique specifications. Prices can start at just under $ 200,000, but the exact price depends on the specification requested by the buyer.

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