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Czech Final - Full Results

H2GP Czech Final 2024

Last week the H2GP program was delighted to host the annual Czech Final in Ostrava, Czech Republic – with ‘RC Racing Hubalov’ winning the hybrid-class and ‘Strojka Opava’ taking first place in the Stock class. The event marked the latest installment in the annual H2GP series in the Czech Republic.

“We’ve been running this educational program the Czech Republic for years now and the engineering, teamwork and innovation skills of our Czech teams keeps growing”, said Kamil Jelinek, H2GP program co-founder. “These students have learned incredible things over the program. They’ve learned so many things including how to re-engineer a fuel cell, update the car electrics, and use an optimum amount of hydrogen to finish the race. These type of independent, hands-on problem-solving skills in sustainable energy are in great demand by employers and will form a integral role in the sustainable energy industry”.

H2GP Czech Final 2024
H2GP Czech Final 2024

The event was sponsored by MORAVIA STEEL, the ORLEN Unipetrol Nadace and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech.

Full results of the Czech Race can be found below:

H2GP Czech Final 2024 Hybrid Results
H2GP Czech Final 2024 Stock Results
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