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Finnish Government Plans to Become World Leader in Hydrogen


Nordic Nation aims to produce 3 million tons of hydrogen annually by 2035, expected to generate €33 billion in government revenue.


The Finnish government has recently set out a strategy to become a world leader in hydrogen technology. The strategy sets out a comprehensive plan to become a “powerhouse of clean energy”, with a completely clean electrical grid and affordable clean energy for every household.

By 2030, the Nordic nation plans to produce over 14% of the EU’s green hydrogen, and this is expected to create over 115,000 new jobs in 2035. 

This future hydrogen economy will also reduce Finland’s dependence on energy imports, strengthening energy security and increasing the country’s self-sufficiency, the report states.

This strategy was created through collaboration with officials, industry unions, and companies that form an integral part of Finnish hydrogen value chain.

“The new government program is based on Finland becoming a powerhouse of clean energy. It is the most important industrial and climate action of the decade, and it is based on hydrogen economy," said Kai Mykkänen, Minister of the Environment and Climate.

Finland Green Hydrogen


"Finland needs to define which opportunities we want to focus on to genuinely leverage the unique opportunity to position Finland as a pioneer in Europe's hydrogen economy," said Olli Sipilä, CEO of Gasgrid and leader of the Hydrogen Cluster's strategy team.

The strategy outlines 3 key outcomes for success:  1) an expansion of domestic clean hydrogen production, 2) an acceleration of domestic clean industries and 3) growth of exports of hydrogen-related technologies and services.

The report was issued by H2 Cluster Finland, a group of companies and associations that work together to share information, collaborate on projects, and develop a business approach to promote the use of hydrogen energy.

You can read the full report here: Full Report


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