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H2GP Sprint Curriculum

Unleash Innovation with the H2GP SPRINT Curriculum

Our one-of-a-kind SPRINT Car Kits are complemented by an innovative curriculum delivering an understanding of not only hydrogen fundamentals and fuel cell electrical systems, but also the basic laws of physics, collecting experimental data, and discovering core scientific principles.

After students build their very own hydrogen car, the curriculum offers them an extended course to test their prototype, investigate different solutions, and measure the impact of these solutions using real-time data. After they refine their design, students are able to continually innovate, updating their car design to get the best possible track times against their peers.

The SPRINT curriculum is a perfect complement to the hands-on learning component of our car kits. It provides students with an in-depth understanding of the impact of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions on climate change, hydrogen production methods, and the environmental advantages of hydrogen fuel.

The curriculum is available through a cloud-based, global server, meaning students and educators can access the content from anywhere, on-demand.

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H2GP Sprint Curriculum

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