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Full Results from the H2GP California State Final

To mark Earth Day 2023, 20 teams put their renewable energy engineering skills to the test in the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) California State Final, racing their 1:10 scale hydrogen-powered cars against the best teams from around the Golden State.

Three schools now head to the H2GP World Finals to test their renewable energy engineering and innovation skills against the best teams globally: Oakwood School, STEAM Legacy High School and Edison High School.

Only 17 laps ahead of the next team, the ‘Oakwood Pink’ team used all the renewable energy science skills gained over the six-month H2GP program - including hydrogen chemistry, mechanical engineering and data science - to ensure their car triumphed.

“The innovation and understanding of hydrogen fuel cell engineering was taken to another level by the teams” said Nicola Weiss, H2GP USA Director. “They have taken the engineering and knowledge of what they have learned and designed reliable and efficient cars”.

This event was made possible due to Toyota North America's continued dedication to bringing renewable energy education to students across California.

Horizon Educational would also like to thank all the sponsors who helped bring renewable energy education to students in California this H2GP season. The support from SoCalGas, Raven SR, and Fire & Gas Detection Technologies has been foundational in building the next generation of renewable energy innovators.

California H2GP race
California H2GP race
Pos. Team Name Rnd.
1 Oakwood Pink 850
2 Oakwood Blue 833
3 Oakwood Green 816
4 Oakwood Yellow 814
5 Steam Legacy 2 718
6 Edison T 705
7 Waldorf 1 703
8 Los Stemateros 2 648
9 Independence HS 1 644
10 Oakwood Ms 622
11 Independence HS 2 585
13 Arroyo 2 568
14 Rancho 2 552
15 Arroyo 1 527
16 Arroyo 4 500
17 South Huntington Racing 449
18 Steam Legacy 3 414
19 Woodbrindge 205
20 Los Stemateros 1 194
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