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H2GP STARTER Competition Set - year 2+

High School H2GP PRO

Returning team? Get a new fuel cell and a spare chassis for upcoming season!

If you’re comfortable with the Starter Kit and want to try something new in the next season, try the Renew Starter Package (H2GP STARTER Competition Set - year 2+).


Welcome back H2GP PRO racers!

Ready to take the next step to make your next season even better? There are two equipment packages to help you. 

Want to take a bigger step forward? Upgrade to Advanced Package! The Advanced Package has been developed for teams who want a greater degree of freedom to build winning car. The RC car chassis and components have been selected to meet the quality and performance requirements of our top hydrogen endurance racers!

We also offer a variety of accessories to enhance the performance of your car. You'll find them in the accessories section, as well as standalone Hydrostiks and many more. 

This package includes - H2GP PRO Starter Kit, H-CELL 2.0

Height: 112mm, length: 360mm, width: 200mm.


Access to the Curriculum is possible after registration of the team in the H2GP PRO competition.


User Manual

pdf [5.11 MB]

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