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Horizon Educational and Hyundai bring renewable energy excitement to Savannah, Georgia

Horizon Educational was proud to take part in the Hyundai Motor Group Community Celebration in Savannah, Georgia last month. This event honoured Hyundai Motors’ groundbreaking of their new MetaPlant (EV manufacturing site) which will produce hydrogen transport vehicles for decades to come.

To celebrate this commitment to hydrogen, Horizon provided Hyundai with three hydrogen fuel cell scale models of their new fuel cell truck, the Xcient.

Hyundai sponsored two schools in Savannah to participate in Horizon Educational’s XPR Program: Bryan County Middle School and Richmond Hill Middle school. Students from these schools had the opportunity to discover renewable energy education first hand, using Horizon Educational’s Fuel Cell RC Trucks and STEM kits to race each other and see how renewable energy works.

Nicola Weiss and Max Accordino (Horizon Educational) joined Gilbert Castillo (Hyundai Engineer) to run workshops with students from both schools. The students built their own Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles before testing and comparing their solutions with their peers. Following the event, students brought their cars home to show their parents how Horizon’s hydrogen technology works. As one participant exclaimed – ‘cars really can run on water!’

Hydrogen not only harnesses the potential to save the planet, but as Savannah Middle School students saw first-hand, it can lead to exciting careers in a variety of new industries. Hyundai’s new Savannah MetaPlant may one day employ the children in attendance, and Horizon Educational’s Nicola Weiss and Max Accordino were proud to see this sense of fascination at renewable energy through watching students engage with our Fuel Cell RC Trucks and STEM kits.

Children from the local area were able to not only see the results of where a STEAM educational can lead, but have an incredible amount of fun simultaneously. This STEAM approach to education is embedded in all of our educational equipment, which emphasise taking thoughtful risks, learning from experience, persisting in the face of problems, and embracing collaboration and teamwork.

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