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Horizon Hydrogen Training Set-30

Horizon Hydrogen Training Set is designed for both educational and research purposes. The set allows the user to gain a hands-on experience with a versatile range of components related to hydrogen technologies. These include an Electronic Potentiometer, DC Measurement Module, Accumulator Charge Controller, Accumulator, DC Motor, DC Fan, LED Lamp, and an innovative Fuel Cell Module. 

Hydrogen Training Set

Key Features:

  • Integrated Fuel Cell Module: Directly measure fuel cell current and voltage, gaining insights into fuel cell efficiency and performance.
  • Comprehensive Measurement Tools: The DC measurement module allows the user to monitor voltage and current at the fuel cell's output, allowing for precise and accurate data collection.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The 5-inch LCD display screen enables the user to easily view flow meter data.
  • PC Connectivity: The training set is easily integrated with a PC via USB, allowing for real-time data monitoring for analysis.
  • Practical Learning Experience: The user can experiment with measuring load with an ammeter and voltmeter, or monitor different parameters to understand how fuel cell operation changes under different conditions.
The Horizon Hydrogen Training Set-30 does not require pressurized hydrogen to run. The product comes included with a portable electrolyzer (Hydrofill PRO) which can be used to charge our small metal hydride cartridges (Hydrostik PRO).

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