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Hydrogen-powered racing returns to Slovakia!

The Slovak Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) Final Took place on April 13th in Bratislava, Slovakia – with teams from across the country gathering to put their hydrogen-powered cars to the test, racing for over 6 hours in a battle-of-wills to see which student-assembled car could finish the race with the most laps completed.

A total of 9 teams came to this year's Slovak Final with a clear goal – make it to the H2GP World Final in September and get a chance to test their renewable energy skills against the best teams from around the world.

By the final whistle Ostrov Team emerged victorious in the ENDURANCE category, completing 1261 laps in 6 hours. In second place was Kysucki Strojnici, with KIA team Kysuce coming in third.

The DESIGN category – given to students whose creativity and imagination drive them to create the best-looking car body – was taken home by the Wings on Road team.

H2GP Slovak race
H2GP Slovak race

The Adler Motors team emerged victorious in the ENERGY category, completing the most laps while using the least amount of hydrogen.

Through optimizing their cars to compete for these different awards, students not only gained the ability to understand the ins and outs of hydrogen technology, but learned skills valued by employers such as the ability to work in teams to manage a project and come up with creative solutions to solve real-world engineering and design problems.

A massive thank you to our sponsors who continue to bring renewable energy education to students across Slovakia. Moravia Steel, ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation, Bratislavský samosprávný kraj, Košický samosprávný kraj – on behalf of all the future Slovak innovators you support, thank you!

Pos. Team Name Rnd.
1 Ostrov Team 1261
2 Kysuckí Strojníci 1187
3 KIA team Kysuce 1174
4 Adler Motors 948
5 Hlinickí Jazdci 679
6 HE Hydrogen Engineers 510
7 Wings on road 488
8 Team RC Fajnorka 472
9 Strojmele 21
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