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Introducing H2GP Sprint


Sprint Hydrogen Cars


Horizon Educational launched the H2GP Sprint program today, building on years of success with the H2GP PRO and H2GP XPR programs. The innovative hydrogen racing program is specially designed for 10-13 year olds, providing a hands-on experience of clean energy engineering to more students than ever before.

“We created the H2GP Sprint program with one goal in mind: make learning about hydrogen and clean energy as fun as possible for 10-13 year olds”, said Václav Bystrianský, Head of Educational Programs at Horizon Educational. “As the program expands around the world, we’ll be engaging students at an early stage, focusing their talents on solving some of the world’s most important engineering problems”.

The H2GP Sprint program provides students with a 1:20 scale hydrogen-powered car that is fast, light, and durable. But this is just the beginning. While the powertrain (including the motor and fuel cell), is standardized, students are given free rein to experiment with the gear-to-wheel ratio, weight distribution, and even upgrade the chassis using 3D modeling software.

This unique approach to iterative design change encourages innovation, giving students the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and continuously improve while perfecting their own unique hydrogen car.

Students recently had the opportunity to get their hands on H2GP Sprint cars at the Prague British International School (PBIS), and the event was a roaring success.



“It was a different experience than normal lessons, where you just write”, said a PBIS Student, Aged 11. “We learned new things about how to assemble a hydrogen car, and it was just a very interesting lesson in general”.

David Lawlor, Head of Secondary School at PBIS, was present at the workshop:

“Part of my job is really trying to get kids engaged with learning again”, said David Lawlor, Head of Secondary School at PBIS. “Kids these days have information at hand through all types of sources. What we don’t tap into is their potential to use their hands to invent different solutions and problem-solve. If you look around, you’ve got kids here from year 7 to year 9, and they’re all working together, you wouldn’t even know there’s an age difference here. That’s the power of education. What they’re doing here, we’ve never had this kind of experience before”.

As part of the H2GP Sprint Launch, Horizon Educational has created a special Launch Bundle available for a limited time. This bundle includes 2 x H2GP Sprint Classroom Packs (12 hydrogen cars total), with 2 x Practice Tracks added on free of charge, capable of engaging 24-48 students.


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