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Las Vegas Mayor Welcomes H2GP Students to World Final


On September 13th, 2023 Horizon Educational was honored to welcome Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman to the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) World Final. Speaking to students who traveled from over 20 countries to attend the World Final of the international racing series, Mayor Goodman called the event ‘heaven on earth’ and told the students that they represent the world’s future engineers.

‘This race is a wonderful opportunity for all of you’ said Mayor Goodman. ‘You are our future. You’re going to make the things happen that those of us who are a little bit older couldn’t even imagine’.

Mayor Goodman presented all H2GP finalist teams with a commemorative Las Vegas Casino Chip as a symbol of her appreciation for their commitment to renewable energy. After the race began, the Mayor met with Horizon Educational CEO Kamil Jelinek to discuss the shared aims of the City of Las Vegas and Horizon Educational in the clean energy transition:

Las Vegas Mayor H2GP
Las Vegas Mayor H2GP

‘Mayor Goodman’s support for the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix has further solidified the confidence of our students,’ said Kamil. ‘With the clean energy sector growing faster than ever, we need to attract the world’s best talent. We thank the Mayor for her support’.

Addressing the H2GP students, the mayor had a final message before she departed:

‘We look forward to everything you are doing’, said Mayor Goodman. ‘We congratulate you on your success’.

The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) is a global initiative that challenges students aged 14-17 to build their very own hydrogen-powered 1:10 scale car completely independently. By taking part, these students gain clean energy engineering skills vital to the future energy economy while also picking up essential soft skills like teamwork, creativity and the ability to manage a project over an extended period of time.


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