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New Hydrogen Education Program Launches as Biden Invests 7 Billion Dollars in Hydrogen Hubs



  • Program aims to train a future workforce vital to the hydrogen hubs’ success
  • H2GP ‘Sprint’ aims to reach hundreds of thousands of 10-15-year olds
  • Students will design, engineer, build and race their own 1:20-scale hydrogen cars

LOS ANGLES -- (November 8th 2023): Horizon Educational today announced the creation of a new education program aimed at building a future workforce needed for President Biden’s landmark billion investment in a national network of hydrogen hubs. The program empowers hundreds of thousands of 10-15 year olds to design, engineer, build and then race their very own 1:20-scale hydrogen-powered cars, instilling clean energy skills vital to the nation’s energy transition. 

“The administration’s billion investment in clean hydrogen R&D will demand a future workforce with the technical knowledge needed to drive innovation in the renewable sector”, said Kamil Jelinek, CEO of Horizon Educational. “The H2GP Sprint program motivates and trains these future innovators, providing a comprehensive curriculum along with a fun and engaging hands-on learning experience”.

The aim of the clean hydrogen hubs is to create networks of hydrogen producers, consumers, and local connective infrastructure to accelerate the use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier that can deliver or store tremendous amounts of energy. A major factor in the continued funding of these hubs is a ‘community benefits plan’ that includes an assessment of community engagement and quality job creation and workforce development.  



The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) Sprint program aims to maximize hubs ability to develop a clean energy workforce through engaging local students through the hands-on learning. The program involves students building their own hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric car before making a series of iterative design changes based on real-time data analysis. After students are comfortable tweaking their car, they are free to experiment with 3D design, redesigning the entire chassis under the guidance of a curriculum.

“We created the H2GP Sprint program with one goal in mind: make learning about hydrogen and clean energy as fun as possible for 10-15 year olds”, said Václav Bystrianský, Head of Educational Programs at Horizon Educational. “As the program expands around the world, we’ll be engaging students at an early stage, focusing their talents on solving some of the world’s most important engineering problems”.

The H2GP Sprint program is accessible by visiting


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