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The Top 10 Education Podcasts for 2024


Education Podcast


In the past few years, education podcasts have become more popular than ever. Parents, teachers and school leaders have all begun listening during commutes or coffee breaks as a way to continue their professional development, share advice or just for pure entertainment.  

While books and workshops were once the gold standard of career professional development, podcasts offer an informal, flexible and engaging way of becoming a better teacher. If you've been looking for the best educational podcasts around today, you've come to the right place. 

The guide below was put together by Horizon’s team of teachers who have a combined 80 years classroom experence. Together, they've found some of the most fun, informative and insightful educational podcasts streaming right now. 


1. The International Schools Podcast

The International Schools Podcast has been an open secret among teachers working in global schools for years.  Featuring a mix of educators, recruiters, strategists and edtech leaders, the podcast provides an inside look at what it’s like to work in one of the world’s 13,000+ international schools. Recent guests have included Nalini Cook, Head of Global Research at ISC and Brett Gray, Director at the Ostrava International School.

The International Schools Podcast

• Who’s it geared towards: teachers interested in learning more about working internationally.

• Why listen: you’ll hear from insiders who’ve worked in international schools for years, gaining valuable insights into the real-life experience of international education.

• Average length of episode: 1 hour.

• Where to find it:

• Our favorite Episode: Episode 105 - Small International Schools.



2. The EdTech Podcast

Sophie Bailey started the EdTech Podcast with one goal in mind: help teachers generate and visualize evidence about the effectiveness of their actions. Current host Rose Luckin (Professor of Learner-Centered Design at UCL) is an expert in AI’s use in education, being able to lead in-depth discussions about closing the gap between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through innovation. The podcast recently reached its 250-episode milestone and has over 40k downloads a month.

The EdTech Podcast


Who’s it geared towards: technologists interested in education and teachers interested in how technology can improve their practice.

Why listen: you’ll gain valuable insights into how technology and AI can improve your students experience in the classroom.

Average length of episode: 50min.

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: #259 Outside Thinking, Innovation & Learning



3. Cult of Pedagogy

Imagine a podcast where anything teaching-related is up for discussion, from classroom management to education reform. In Cult of Pedagogy, Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the social and phycological dynamics of school, with everything from trade secrets to innovative teaching methods are up for discussion. When Jennifer isn’t interviewing a guest, the episodes feature her giving advice for ways to make teaching more effective and fun.

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast


Who’s it geared towards: teachers from all walks of life.

Why listen: you’ll find teaching tips along with a vibrant, encouraging, and stimulating community of teachers supporting each other to do the best for their students.

Average length of episode: 30 min-1 hour.

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: #197: How to Leverage Multisensory Learning in Your Classroom



4. 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Teachers looking for a quick podcast full of inspiration and new ideas are in for a treat. Vicki Davis’ 10 Minute Teacher Podcast is designed for teachers to listen to during a coffee break. Whether you’re sipping a cappuccino or have brought your own cold brew, Davis provides to-the-point, useful information about topics such as using AI in the classroom, tips for teaching financial literacy, or how to improve reading stamina. Listened to by 20,000 teachers in 194 countries, the podcast is one of the leading voices in the education podcast space today.

10 minute Teacher Podcast

Who’s it geared towards: middle and elementary school teachers.

Why listen: episodes are short and packed with useful information.

Average length of episode: 10 minutes

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: A Very Useful Guide to Classroom Collaboration  



5. Mr Barton Maths Podcast

Based out of the United Kingdom, Craig Barton has been running “Mr Barton Maths Podcast” for almost a decade. The long-form format enables meaningful conversations between teachers and those in educational research, government or industry. Guests have included a Professor in Developmental Psychology, heads of math departments, and CEOs of educational foundations.   

Mr Barton Maths Podcast


Who’s it geared towards: teachers interested in education research.

Why listen: Craig invites an impressive range of guests and peppers them with insightful questions.

Average length of episode: 1.5 hours

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: #172 How teachers use (and don’t use) research   



6. The Harvard EdCast

Run by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Harvard Edcast is a forum for teachers, policymakers, researchers and leaders of schools in the US and around the world to discuss how education can impact learners, educators, parents and communities. While it’s run by one of the world’s learning universities, the idea is to “lower the barriers of education’s complexities so that everyone can understand.” Recent episodes have focused on Higher Education's Resistance to Change, the Power of Out-of-School Learning, and Humanizing Education Through Hip-Hop.

Harvard EdCast


Who’s it geared towards: parents, teachers, policymakers, researchers and school leaders.

Why listen: no one can get a great guest like Harvard. Recent guests have included world-renowned professors, the National Teacher of the Year, and award-winning journalists.

Average length of episode: 20min

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: Humanizing Education Through Hip-Hop (Nov 29th, 2023)



7. House of #EdTech

Looking to integrate education technology into your teaching practice? Look no further than the House of #EdTech. With teachers becoming more open to experimenting with things like augmented reality (AR), gamification and mobile learning platforms, the House of #EdTech explores these latest developments in an open, fun and interactive way.  Discussions and expert insights are complemented by reviews of the latest edtech tools and apps. Recent topics include Moving AI Forward In Education and The Impact of Social Media on Education.

The Hoiuse of EdTech Podcast


Who’s it geared towards: teachers and heads of school.

Why listen: understand the latest developments in edtech and implement these in your classroom.

Average length of episode: 30min

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: #237 Technology in Your Classroom - Friend or Foe?



8. The Teacher Career Coach Podcast

Teachers looking for tips to advance their career would love the Teacher Career Coach Podcast. Besides the vocation-specific insider knowledge, host Daphne Gomez aims to motivate, empower, and inspire teachers to find happiness in their careers – inside or outside the classroom. Recent guests have included career coach Emily Shultz, science teachers turned instructional designer Sarah Sterner, and Katie Stoddard, owner of Ed2Market.

Teacher career coach podcast


Who’s it geared towards: teachers and those working in education.

Why listen: supercharge your career and find motivation and inspiration to make a career change.

Average length of episode: 40min

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: #132 Five Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Role



9. Shake Up Learning Show

At 200 episodes and counting, the Shake Up Learning Show has been providing a helping hand to teachers for years. Host Kasey Bell (former middle school teacher turned award-winning digital learning coach) provides lesson ideas, practical advice, on-air coaching and tech tips for thousands of listeners each week. Whether you want to learn more about inspiring students with augmented reality or are just interested in making learning more fun, the Shake Up Learning Show is a good place to start.

The Shake Up Learning Show


Who’s it geared towards: K-12 teachers and educators.

Why listen: practical tips and advice designed to make your teaching easier.

Average length of episode: 30min

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: #187 15+ Ways for Teachers to Use Google Sheets in the Classroom



10. Twisted Teachers

Personal, honest advice is the hallmark of the Twisted Teachers Podcast. Founded by two long-term friends and teachers, the podcast provides a real-world perspective in a friendly, approachable format. Expect to hear plenty of career coaching as well as advice for those just starting out. Recent guests have included everyone from elementary school teachers to  founders of design learning tools for classrooms.

Twisted Teachers Podcast


Who’s it geared towards: K-12 teachers and educators.

Why listen: you’ll hear an honest, personal perspective about education combined with plenty of jokes and anecdotes.

Average length of episode: 30min

Where to find it:

Our favorite Episode: Let's Talk About Grades, Baby! 


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