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Ultracapacitor bank (80V 10F)

Ultracapacitor 80V
Item Specification/Condition
Part number MK-80V-P10FLW (350F-32C1B-LW)
Rate discharge capacitance 10F
Capacitance tolerance -10% to +30%
Working voltage 0V to 80V
Rated voltage 80V
Absolute maximum voltage 86.4V
Working current 0A to 35A
Rated current 35A
Maximum peak currrent, 1 second (non repetitive) 200A
Operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C
Equivalent series resistance 50mΩ at 1000Hz
Balancing voltage type Equipped with equalizing circuit
Shell packing Metal shell
Output type Wire
Weight 3040g
Dimensions 315x165x72mm


Cable included

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