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Von Steuben High School Wins Midwest H2GP Final, Progress to World Final

H2GP Midwest Final

Students from Von Steuben High School on the North Side of Chicago have won the 2nd annual Midwest Hydrogen Grand Prix Final, booking a ticket to the Los Angeles to compete against teams from around the world. The school-based team designed, engineered, built and raced a 1:10-scale fuel cell electric vehicle completely independently, gaining the type of hands-on engineering skills needed for a future energy economy.

“Although the H2GP has only been running in Chicago for two years, we are incredibly impressed with the passion, comradery, and leadership we’ve seen amongst teams in the region – not to mention the growth in technical and engineering skills,” said Nicola Weiss, Executive Director of the H2GP Foundation. “These future leaders represent the next-generation of America’s energy supply, and we’re grateful to play a part in their development”.

The Von Steuben team completed 282 laps in just under 2 hours, edging out their nearest competitor, Plum Grove Academy, by 30 laps.



“These students have made so much progress over the last academic year,” said Kamil Jelinek, CEO of Horizon Educational. “We’re continually excited to work with their teachers, school districts and industry mentors in further developing their skills.”

The race saw schools from across the Chicago take part in the hands-on engineering program, with schools attending from Roseland, Plum Grove, Little Village, Belmont Cragin, as well as Morris, Illinois.

The event was made possible with the support of Midwest event sponsors Nicor Gas, Southern Company, ISTC, H2GP Foundation and Constellation.


Full results can be found below:

1. Von Steuben
2. Plum Grove: The Doorknobs
3. Plum Grove: Hades
4. Morris HS
5. Plum Grove: Renegade Riders
6. Prosser Kul Arrow
7. Plum Grove: Zoom Zooms
8. Prosser Uhaul
9. Prosser Gringos
10. Infinity Math and Science
11. Gwendolyn Brooks 1
12. Gwendolyn Brooks 2


Schools, sponsors and organizations interested in learning more about the H2GP program can contact [obfuscate_1_|103|41|94|110|56|103|102|105|103|114|110|101|92|98|109|98|88|107|103|103|109|88|99|44|91|110|100]



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