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“We’re so proud”: California Teams Compete in H2GP State Final

California State Final

On Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th 40 California H2GP teams took part in the annual State Final, with team “Sequoyah I” being crowned Champions in the Stock Category and “Oakwood Pink” winning the Hybrid Category.  The two schools join a handful of others from the race progressing to the World Final in September for a chance to compare their clean energy engineering skills against the best teams from around the world.

“We’re so proud of the progress these students have made over the past academic year”, said Nicola Weiss, Executive Director of the H2GP Foundation. “The real-world impact this program has on empowering the next-generation of clean energy innovators is visible at every H2GP race event, with students developing the type of hands-on engineering and leadership skills vital to a clean energy economy”.

The H2GP program has been rapidly expanding in recent months, with over 100 school-based teams taking part in California, and a 2023 pilot race in Australia expanding into 5 Australian states with 90 school teams. Races are also planned for Singapore, Chile, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Czech Republic in 2024.

The H2GP initiative sees student-led teams design, engineer, build and their race 1:10-scale ell electric vehicle completely independently, gaining the type of hands-on engineering skills needed for a future energy economy. At the end of the program students develop key engineering skills as well as teamwork and collaboration abilities.    


Stock Race Results

California Stock Race 11-20


Hybrid Race Results


Schools and organizations interesting in getting involved can email [obfuscate_1_|103|41|94|110|56|103|102|96|112|114|110|101|92|98|109|98|88|107|103|103|109|88|99|44|91|110|100]



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