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What’s in the H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle?


H2GP SPRINT Launch Bundle


On November 8th 2023 Horizon Educational announced the newest program in the H2GP lineup, H2GP Sprint. This innovative program brings hands-on hydrogen education to more students than ever before, being at an accessible price point and optimized for 10-13-year-olds.

As part of the celebrations for the big launch, we’ve created an H2GP Launch Bundle that’s available for a limited time. This means 24-48 students can explore the exciting world of hydrogen racing right from their classroom.  What’s in this unique bundle? Discover all the included components below.


Two Free H2GP Sprint Practice Tracks

In every H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle Horizon Educational are including two free practice tracks. These tracks have a variety of benefits: they’re made from durable materials and are extremely lightweight, allowing students to race Sprint cars virtually anywhere – a school gym, a classroom tabletop or even down the hallway.


Two H2GP Sprint Classroom Packs

An H2GP Sprint classroom pack contains six Sprint car kits capable of engaging 12-24 students, so the two of these included in the Launch Bundle is a complete classroom solution – introducing up to 48 students to the exciting world of hydrogen engineering and exploration. Car kits allow students to work in teams, not only learning about hydrogen engineering by building their car, but also analyzing data in real-time to continuously improve their car and boost performance.



H2GP Sprint Curriculum

All Launch Bundles come with 2 x H2GP Sprint Curriculum. While open-ended discovery and learning are immensely fun with the H2GP Sprint car, the curriculum takes this a step further, providing a structured and formal learning environment where students understand hydrogen and clean energy technology. The extension pack to the curriculum allows students to experiment with simple modifications like gear-to-wheel ratio and weight distribution, or even more advanced modifications like upgrading the entire chassis using 3D modeling software.

The curriculum is available through a cloud-based, global server, meaning students and educators can access the content from anywhere, on-demand.

Available now for a limited time, the H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle can be purchased from the Horizon Educational store.


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