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H2GP SPRINT Classroom Pack

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What’s in the Box?

6x H2GP SPRINT Car Kits

1x Unique Code to Access the Sprint Curriculum (12 month access)

H2GP SPRINT Classroom Pack

The H2GP SPRINT classroom pack is your complete classroom solution, allowing up to 24 students to dive into the thrilling world of hydrogen racing.  Six hydrogen fuel-cell electric cars encourage students to work in teams, designing the fastest car possible capable of outcompeting their peers.  The classroom pack comes with a comprehensive curriculum, giving students an understanding of not only hydrogen fundamentals and fuel cell electrical systems, but also basic laws of physics, collecting experimental data and evaluating this data.

H2GP Sprint Curriculum

While the H2GP SPRINT Classroom Pack includes the 12 month access to H2GP SPRINT curriculum as standard, it’s also available as a stand-alone purchase. This innovative curriculum covers 30+ hours of classroom time, giving students an understanding of not only hydrogen fundamentals, but also climate change, historical and cultural connections, and fuel cell electrical systems. For more information or access, click the button below.


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H2GP SPRINT Classroom Pack

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