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Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit

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Explore the future of energy storage with Horizon’s Micro Fuel Cell Kit. Power a mini turbine by converting solid state hydrogen in the HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridge into electrical energy via a Horizon PEM fuel cell.

FCJJ-44 Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit

Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit - product overview

Explore the future of energy storage with Horizon’s Micro Fuel Cell Kit. Power a mini turbine by converting solid state hydrogen in the HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridge into electrical energy via a Horizon PEM fuel cell. Kids can see the effect as the hydride slowly cools and releases hydrogen into the fuel cell. The process is a model for all micro fuel cell systems— a working example of solid hydrogen storage that can lead to many interesting and creative application ideas.

You will need a source of hydrogen like the Hydrofill PRO to charge the supplied Hydrostik PRO cartridge with hydrogen.


Use Horizon Energy Monitor (FCJJ-24) to measure the output voltage & current produced by the fuel cell or do various experiments.

Why Fuel Cells and Hydrogen?

Fuel cells can be thought of as alternative energy devices. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Hydrogen fuel cells do this very cleanly, with no toxic emissions, and with a better efficiency. Fuel cells do not generate energy out of thin air. They use hydrogen. Hydrogen is an outstanding carrier of energy. Hydrogen is non-toxic, renewable, easily obtained, and packed with energy. When it combusts with oxygen, it turns into water. This water can again be split into hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis. The generated hydrogen can be combusted once again, thus undergoing a limitless cycle without toxic emissions. With a fuel cell, you can convert hydrogen into electric current without combustion.

Fossil fuels are converted into usable energy through combustion. The energy released during combustion is inherently difficult to capture and inefficient. It also produces carbon dioxide, which cannot easily be converted back into a usable fuel. A fossil fuel combustion engine at a power plant is only about 30 to 40% efficient. This means it coverts only 30 to 40% of the energy in the fossil fuels to usable energy (electricity). Engines in a car are even less efficient, and reach the level of 15 to 20% of efficiency. Where does the rest of the energy go? It escapes as heat, vibration, and noise. 

On the other hand, fuel cells can operate at 40 to 65% efficiency. This means that they can convert 40 to 65% of the energy contained in hydrogen into electricity. 


What is included in the horizon energy curriculum? The lab equipment is just the beginning. We’ve built the horizon energy curriculum to provide teachers with multiple resources for engaging their students.

Materials provided

  • E-Book

Concepts covered


Chemistry Concepts

Energy, Hydrogen Generation, Reactions, Redox Reactions


Physics Concepts

Classical Mechanics, Energy, Ohm's Law, Power (Electric)


Earth Science Concepts

Climate change, Renewable Energy, Human Impact



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User Manual

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Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit




Micro fuel Cell Science Kit - FAQ

1. What are the refill options for HYDROSTIK PRO cartridges?

a. HYDROSTIK PRO can be recharged using Horizon’s HYDROFILL cartridge refilling solution.

b. You may contact your local Horizon service provider for HYDROSTIK PRO refill support at [obfuscate_1_|114|108|103|110|105|113|107|55|102|105|113|96|113|109|104|100|91|108|97|91|115|96|102|108|91|107|37|90|109|103]

c. If needed HYDROSTIK PRO can be disposed after use, they are fully recyclable and do not contain any harmful materials.

2. I want to purchase more HYDROSTIK PRO Metal Hydride Cartridges, should I have received a (gas pressure) regulator of any kind with it?

No, pressure regulators are not included as standard you will need to order those as well. You can purchase one online visiting the Horizon Online Store or contact [obfuscate_1_|98|102|101|114|91|98|107|55|102|105|113|96|113|109|104|100|91|108|97|91|115|96|102|108|91|107|37|90|109|103]

3. I would like to exchange my cartridge for a different size, can we do this at any Horizon related outlet?

No, for now we only distribute a single size HYDROSTIK PRO Metal Hydride Cartridge.

4. Can I take Metal Hydride cartridge HYDROSTIK PRO abroad?

No more than two spare metal hydride cartridges may be carried by a passenger in carry on baggage, in checked baggage, or on the person.

5. Does the HYDROSTIK PRO lose its energy content over time, if I don’ t use it?

Hydrogen remains stored as a hydride in the HYDROSTIK PRO. The cartridge will not lose its energy or latent hydrogen content if the cartridge is not being used.

6. Can we refill HYDROSTIK PRO with our own electrolyzer?

No, the HYDROSTIK PRO can only be recharged using the HYDROFILL or Horizon approved refilling stations.

7. How many hours of electricity are provided by a HYDROSTIK PRO Metal Hydride Cartridge?

The HYDROSTIK PRO Metal Hydride Cartridges contain up to 11Wh of electricity. So if drawing 1W from the fuel cell, it will run for 11hours.

8. How can I monitor how much gas is left in a cylinder?

This can be measured by weight, measuring the empty weight gives you the benchmark level and then you can work out the total amount of hydrogen by that 11Liters of Hydrogen =1gram so make sure your scales can work in 1/10th of 1/100th of a gram to get accurate readings. Pressure cannot be used as a measurement of the amount of Hydrogen in the canister as the pressure is almost the same between 10%-90% full.

9. Can I store HYDROSTIK PRO in cars parked in full sun?

HYDROSTIK PRO is advised to be stored in maximum 50C temperatures, but cars parked in full sun can reach inside temperatures which exceed 60C. HYDROSTIK PRO is still safe at these temperatures; however we do not recommend storing HYDROSTIK PRO in such conditions.

10. Where do I recycle a spent or damaged HYDROSTIK PRO?

Contact your local consumer waste recycling cente. Typically, HYDROSTIK PRO can be recycled where rechargeable batteries are recycled. Recycle Procedures The materials in the HYDROSTIK PRO are 100% recyclable, and so in order to get the HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridges recycled properly, return the cartridges to your local outlet or distributer. The HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridges do not contain any dangerous substances for the environment, we would recommend that they still be disposed of in a similar way you would dispose of a standard battery.


1. The fan does not run after the HYDROSTIK PRO supplies hydrogen to the fuel cell.

a. The fan may need to be flicked with your finger to start.

b. Recharge the HYDROSTIK PRO fully.

c. Open the clamp to purge a little bit amount of hydrogen out of the system.

d. Make sure the HYDROSTIK PRO is connected to the pressure regulator tightly.

2. The fan runs slower than before.

a. Recharge the HYDROSTIK PRO fully.

b. Open the clamp to purge a little bit amount of hydrogen out of the system.

Kit Content

✔ Micro-fuel cell
✔ HYDROSTIK PRO (hydrogen storage)
✔ Pressure regulator
✔ Fan module
✔ Fan blade

✔ Micro-fuel cell base
✔ Wires
✔ Fan blade adapter
✔ Clamp
✔ Silicon tubes

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