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Ultracapacitor bank module for H-1000XP with Connector (50V 1.25F)


It can supply power output during system short-circuiting which could enable system continuous operation without external power supply. Rated voltage: 50V. Capacitance: 1.25F.

Ultracapacitor Bank 50V
Item Specification/Condition
Part number MK-54V-P1.25FDSB; 25F-20C1B-DSB
Rate discharge capacitance 1.25F
Capacitance tolerance -10% to +20%
Rated voltage 54V
Absolute maximum voltage 56V
Rated current 5A
Maximum peak currrent, 1 second (non repetitive) 15A
Operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C
Equivalent series resistance mΩ at 1000Hz
Shell packing Heat-shrinkable tubing
Output type Wire
Weight 172g
Dimensions 190x35x29mm

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