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The growing demand for energy in end era of manmade climate change may ultimately be the greatest challenge of the 21st century. We need the creativity, ingenuity and critical thinking skills of the generation coming of age today now more than ever. The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix is a comprehensive science and engineering program that gives students from all over the world the opportunity to apply their talents as they learn about environmental sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels, through variety of science experiments and curricular materials.

Design. Build. Race!

Students must apply a wide range of foundational knowledge acquired in the first part of the program throughout the competition. Their task is to design, engineer and build their own fuel cell-powered RC car and test it during a 4-hour race. From the earliest conceptual stages to maintaining and repairing their car during the race, students are in control of every step of the process, enabling truly immersive experience that captures the rigor and excitement of real-world science and engineering endeavors.

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Increase student's awareness of global climate change and the current state of renewable energy technology, its advantages, and its future
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Build skills necesarry for a technologically-adept 21st century workforce.
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Encourage critical thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and higher order thinking skills in STEM disciplines.










>> This program is a perfect example of problem based learning. My students were engaged and were so proud of their effort. The look absolute their joy on the parents faces when they watched their children complete was well worth the time and effort. <<

>>An engineering program that develops students’ technical skills in an entertaining way is definitely worthy of our support<<

>> We see great potential in supporting student teams from our region who want to improve their teamwork and problem-solving skills while developing their own hydrogen car. Both skills will be very useful in future practice. <<


>> We believe that hydrogen technology deserves the attention of the general public. The best way is to start with young talent who might be not only be using but also developing these cars in the near future <<


>>This Program is truly amzing, learning abou all that goes into hydrogen fueled vehicles and the possitive effect it has on environment. I had blast working with my teammates to put the car together and can not wait for the next year.<< Student |  H2GP Participant 


>>H2GP is great way to engage students with renewable energy concepts, hydrogen fuel cell technology in particular. To give them a fun, engaging, hands-on way to connect with the technology concepts is very effective in getting them to see themselves as future innovators in the green energy sector<< Techaer | H2GP Participant

>>The H2GP was a fun and memorable program. It taught me about team wok, and I even got an insight into engineering. In process, I learned much more about climate change and hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen technology fascinate me, and I definitely think it could be the leading fuel source for cars, reducing climate change. Overall, H2GP Program was an excellent experience where I got to learn new skills.<< Student |  H2GP Participant 

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